Monday, October 31, 2005

More About Soul·knowl·ogy©

The idea of Soulknowlogy was created in response to the rapid growth of external, economic and technological solutions that are no longer producing the kind of lasting solutions that they once did. One only has to watch one of the nightly newscasts or read their local paper to see that our focus on purely external solutions is now producing diminishing returns. As our society tries to speed up progress we are in fact only creating more and more imbalance.

The solution for this imbalance is to begin to look at finding ways to improve our connection to our core beliefs. This is what many would call our soul or inner connection. We can improve this connection by doing things we already know to be effective. The rapid increase in technology in the last 125 years can actually show us how to build a powerful and consistent connection to our inner most selves. Technology has increased because many, many individuals spend the better part of each day solely on this purpose and because both nationally internationally it has been viewed and sought after as a matter of economic expansion and national security. It is due to this level of both individual and world wide focus that technology has and continues to grow and expand at such a rapid rate.

This rapid growth in technology without a corresponding growth in the inward advancement and external expression of what I now call Soulknowlogy has created a huge imbalance in our world. I say that by giving the practice of both going inward and committed expression of our deepest nature a name we can begin to shift our focus in this important direction. Just as the daily practice and focus on creating new scientific discoveries has rapidly increased this area of world development, so too, can a daily focus and practice of Soulknowlogy© create rapid development in this aspect of our lives.

If we are to make the much needed peace and harmony we all wish for a tangible reality, then it is in our best interest to strive daily to look deeply inside ourselves and bring what we find there into practical expression in our every day lives. This is the idea behind the creation of the term Soulknowlogy©.

Soulknowlogy© is not meant to be the creation of another movement or specific way or practice but it is meant to be the jumping off point for a conversation that I say needs to happen on all levels of our worldwide society. We can heal the imbalance in our lives and our world by actively engaging in the kind of conversations that lead us to a deep understanding of ourselves and each other. To that end I offer the following definitions as a starting point.

Soul·knowl·ogy© noun

1. The creation or application of tools, methods, study, development, and actualization of daily practices that improve our connection to our core selves.

2. The sum of a society’s or culture’s knowledge of and its ability to act on it's core beliefs.

Soul·knowl·ogy© verb

Any non-violent action that is in accordance with our core beliefs that is in the highest good for all life on this planet.


1. I choose to meditate daily to improve my Soulknowlogy©.

2. I do not eat meat as it is not in alignment to my Soulknowlogy©.

3.Being compassionate and helping others is how I practice Soulknowlogy©.

Friday, October 21, 2005

We are the key in making a peaceful world